Northern California Anesthesia Associates

The Northern California Anesthesia Associates is comprised of a group of highly trained and conscientious physician anesthesiologists dedicated to delivering quality and safety in patient care in anesthesia for patients undergoing surgery. Our goals are not only to ensure that patients are safely anesthetized while undergoing surgery, but also to optimize individual anesthetics and pain management to promote recovery. Though we perform thousands of anesthetics for patients every year, we realize that for patients and their families, the experience of anesthesia and surgery is not routine. We help and care for patients and families through what is often a stressful experience.

For patients undergoing surgery, we’d like you to have all of the information you require to be knowledgeable and reassured regarding your procedures. Your doctors will instruct you very thoroughly, but please also take this time to read carefully the portions of this website that pertain to you. As an informed patient, you can have as much influence as we do to ensure yourself a safe procedure and a complete and comfortable recovery.

We have and will continue to work hard to earn your confidence and trust to provide for you and your family’s health care.

Northern California Anesthesia Associates
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Walnut Creek, CA 94596
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